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I'm Dalal. Please don't forget the second L when typing my name.

I'm an autistic Palestinian-American queer ciswoman. I've got mental health issues and am stuck in an abusive household with shitty parents. Sometimes I post about it to let my feelings out. (I try to tag it "family" or "shut up dalal", if you want to blacklist it.)

I will not tolerate the use of slurs.

In my free time, I draw and paint dolls (BJDs and MH) and you'll occasionally see my stuff. They're reblogged from my art blog, link below. If you just want the art by itself, you can follow me there.

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How It’s Made, Decorative Candles.


holy fuck, that is beautiful. how is she that good?


i’m so mesmerized 


oh my god that’s amazing

There is never going to be a time when I don’t want to watch this.

Also, the video is on the company website. But I don’t like most of the designs, so there are other places to take a look at if you google right. I haven’t got a spare $50 yet, but one day…. SOMEDAY SOONNNN…

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    I know her….I know this lady. She lives in my town of Holland, MI :)
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